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Eva María Garcés Rubiales born in Malaga at November-5-1978. Woman of concerned and open mind. For years she combines his basic studies with her musical studies of elementary Solfa, Flute and Piano, developing her most sensitive and spiritual side.

After finishing the Artistic Baccalaureate, she begins study of Philosophy in UMA and years later she is entitled in Top Technician in Image in Politécnico Jesús Marín. She takes part in several art exhibitions, in Nómadas, Las Edades del Óxido or in PTA.

She works for several years for big photographers of Malaga like Antonio Durán, E. Grund or F. Griñán between others. Now she begins his journey in solitary and this web is a test of it, with a personal and innovative style. And a slogan always present “it is never to stop learning”.

To better understand their models did a Masters in Advanced Canine Ethology by the Association for the Study of the dog and its environment (AEPE) and various seminars for Training, Therapy dogs, etc..

In passion of the Nature in general and of the Animals in particular, this young photographer risks with a uncommon photographic category in Spain but with great success in other countries, The Photography of Pets.

Eva Mª Garcés

Web Master